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Lockdown! Solo training circuit

Lockdown !  Solo training

You are locked up, a prisoner, stuck in hotel limbo or quarantined and you still need to train but you do not have the luxury of a gym or training partners. For what ever reason you need to maintain a personal regime of combative training. Self defence, sport or general fitness. In any case here is a basic template of a circuit that you can employ to help you stay sharp.


Before you start make sure that you understand what you are training for. Train specific to this and during the entire session make sure that you do not stray away from this objective. If you are doing this for fitness, then your mindset is not as important as a need to burn kilojoules and to fixate on the movements for their own sake. Sports players remember that the other person you may face is training hard, they are fixated on your defeat. You are an obstacle to them for their wider career and their victory is your loss, how hard an obstacle that you present is determined in the moments before the competition. Moments like the training that you are about to endure.

Mindset for self defence minded readers only

For those who are training for self defence, know one thing. The threat that you may some day meet is vulgar, violent and celebrates in your misery. Any victory that this enemy achieves will be at best leave you feeling shame or at worse it will cost yours and/or your loved ones lives.  You are the only line of defence when it comes to your own self-preservation. The threat does not care, they are desperate and predatory. They are experienced at exploitation and horrible in their implementation. You need to prepare for the most horrible situations possible, Your physical and mental conditioning needs to be focused on that understanding.  Now with the scary grown up talk out of the way let us get on with the circuit itself.

Basic template for the circuit.

Train each group as their own segmentation.  Switch stances from south paw to orthodox as often as you like. After you have warmed up accordingly. You can commence. Adjust the reps and sets relative to your time constraints, level of conditioning and eagerness to push yourself. It is after all a template.

Group A (Three sets or run throughs)

20 x Jab Cross Lead Hook

20 x Knee strikes (aim for the body, make sure you drive them in)

15 x Push ups

20 x Jab slip

15 x Squats

20 x Jab Cross Lead Knee

After your three or so sets advance on to the next group

Group B (Three sets or run throughs)

20 x Sprawls

20 x sit ups

20 x Lead check rear knee

20 x Jab Cross Lead round kick

20 x Leg raises or V up sit ups

20 x Rear uppercut Lead Hook

After your three or so sets advance on to the next group

Groups C (Three sets or Run throughs

20 x Knee to chest jumps

20 x Sit ups with elbow strikes as you reach the ‘up’ position

20 x Lay flat, stand up, two punches, two leg strikes, then lay back down, repeat

20 x Rear elbow, Lead hook, Rear uppercut, Lead elbow

15 x wide push ups, stand up, Cross, Lead hook

20 x Jab Cross Sprawl

And once you have done that make sure that you stretch accordingly.

Happy training

March 2020

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