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Love is Mother in any language

With sunken eyes of Love,
Tired aches of pride,
Worried nights of joy
and tender touches of tears.

A babes gentle cough,
A child’s soft laugh,
A sons warm embrace
and a Daughters tender kiss,

It is a Mothers knowing,
a deep splendid glowing,
a unique compassion,
and love forever unyielding.

It is with self less risk,
whereby you shiver so they may be warm,
where you hunger so that they may eat,
where you sacrifice so that they may have.

No bounty nor splendour could purchase
what you shall forever adore.
The reward is in their growing, the prize
is in the knowing that you and they are bound
by a love so natural and strong.

It is a perfect gift of biological nobility,
from tomorrows potential secure in your belly
to decades of life forever indebted to you.

It is to Dumbo that you soothingly sing “Baby Mine”,
your trunk so soft and supporting despite the bars of

It is to Littelfoot with your last dying breath
you offered words of strength and assurance, hope and love.

It is with defiant protection that you ensure Bambi flees
to safety, your life a shield from a hunters bullet.

It is to me and every one on this Earth that you mean something
so dear. From your child to a stranger, it is to you that we will
forever know love and life.

It is said that after so much pain and risk, torment and
labour that you shall be rewarded with such a gift,
But it is us who with all of your love, you gave to us a gift every

No matter the colour, no matter the language,
no matter the era, it is forever that ‘mother’ means Love.

It is with every great beginning that we shall
commence with ‘Her and it is forever a tomorrow
that we shall always have thanks to a Loving MotHer.

Happy Mothers day, 2011.

Kym Robinson, 2011

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  1. Andrew Andrew

    Beautiful. Not a dry eye in the house…

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