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The left and the right really don’t matter. The wars do.

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The ongoing rift between two apparently differing ideological camps has widened most especially in the United States, thanks to the rise of the form of nationalistic ‘outsider’ political populism culminating into the election of President Trump. From within Europe where immigration and the EU has created an environment of nationalism that has reared its traditionally ugly head in response to a just as ugly establishment of bureaucratic law makers bent on controlling individuals both ideologically and paternalistically. This form of right wing populism is not new, just as it is not unusual for left wing populists to also hold great influence and do a great deal with their public support, President Duterte of the Philippines a man with traditional left wing links and tendencies has gone on to show how ugly and vulgar a man of his character can especially be when granted the deadly powers of governance.

The political excitement and the rhetorical promises combined with an emerging enemy of the traditional left with the ever integral call for patriotism has for many inside the liberty movement, especially those from North America, generated an eager alignment with the Right in which many have found a comforting niche. The Rights talk of fiscal conservatism and disputes with the zany social justice cultural warriors holds a special sort of seduction for many a ‘libertarian’. It has been with the outright support of many supposedly ardent libertarians and anarchists that president Donald Trump has found a loyal and an apologetic fan base, as though the president represents the ideals of Rothbard and Hayek beneath that orange tuft of hair. Trumps tough talk and constant promise of draining the swamp and making a nation great again has rallied the libertarians alongside the warmaking xenophic nationalists.

Before the election of Trump during the Obama regime, among the ranks of the what is usually anti-war, left identifying Democrats were silent when it came to foreign aggression. Instead the new face of the left leaning realm has adopted identity politics and political correctness. Marrying these confused elements beneath the banner or iconic communism, while ignoring the depth of literature that makes up much of intellectual communism, instead these educated idiots tend to seek a meme’s worth of data on any subject and allow themselves to be triggered. Thus, making them easy to despise and ridicule. The left and anti-war has yet to remerge as a popular movement but seeing as President Trump will no doubt only continue the previous decades of endless war, Democrats may rediscover the anti-war message.

Beneath the cuckling Alt Right and the pro Trump ‘outsiders’ lurks a far more dangerous element that while less crude in their shrieks possess a deeply dangerous desire for war and imperialism. The domestic destruction brought on by the academic infections that the SJWs and their overeducated though underskilled rodents bring with them can quite easily be isolated and marginalised. Simply ignore them and stop paying the taxes that feed them. Yet by engaging them and riling them up with direct confrontation many from both the Right and the ‘liberty’ movement waste tremendous time and energy in this endeavour. Worse than that, the SJW rodents are given more attention than is needed while millions die and suffer due to war and prohibition enforcement, two far more important issues with which the liberty minded individual should concern themselves.

Just as the intellectual left and its celebratory atheists spent so much time debating theological advocates as a form of self-serving sport and entertainment for those who want to feel smarter than those silly enough to believe in myths. So to do the Libertarians of the cyber realm seem obsessed with debating and addressing the SJW zealots. Further aligning themselves, whether by choice or happenstance with more sinister Right wing elements. It seems that picking on deluded believers is far more intellectually engaging and credible whereas dissent and addressing the real problems of war and having the intelligence and intellectual depth to consider the past and its impact on the present lacks any sex appeal for the modern celebrity pundit and political wit spitter.

The dangers of the SJWs and their elitist provocateurs tend to affect very specific aspects of society and can be defied in the comedy club, in prose and general conversation despite their squealing beliefs. The dangers of the Right and Alt Right are far more intrusive and frightful. It is with the absolute desire to collectivise an entire region and theology as though it is and always shall be the absolute enemy to reason and ‘civilisation’ that echoes throughout the words of the new Right. Calling for further invasion, more war, ongoing drone strikes and in some cases nuclear annihilation of millions of human beings simply because they pray to an Oriental version of the Abrahamic God.

Just as Sanders, Brexit, Trump and even the Alt Right has been considered a reaction to PC culture and the political elites of business as usual, so too is much of the delusions found within identity politics and ‘anti white’ culture a reaction to generations of racialist segregation and male dominance in political life. Blowback usually is ugly and most foul parents tend to sire deranged offspring. For the United States, a nation built on slavery and segregation, one cannot have a handful of decades separation from such racially vile periods without any unintended consequences and reactions to the past. It does not matter that much of the reaction is wrong and vile, the past cannot be denied but often it is. It tends to be glorified and romanced which in turns tends to feed into the identity politics of the SJWs. While the SJWs are petty spoilt children compared to the radicals of the Black Panthers and Nation of Islam, in many ways the culture that enforced for generations cruel abuse to certain groups from native Americans to blacks radical reactionaries will always emerge. The hipster millennial generation is too cowardly and overeducated to raise a singular fist of masculine defiance. They instead opt to cower among the safe spaces and forever remain inside the academic sanctuaries that have nurtured their entitled lives.

The cultural chauvinism that is heralded by many inside the Right, and focused so eagerly on the ‘dirty’ immigrants that seem to be blamed for everything wrong in a society is unfortunately nothing new. And as foreigners or those different are most useful scapegoats the noticeable upsurge in refugees and immigration is often due to foreign policy, notably war. It is in the throwing of so many rocks into a pond that we find the splash gets us all. Unfortunately these are human beings doing what they can to leave somewhere terrible to live somewhere better. Those denied the aristocracy of birth right.

It is found within the Alt Right and much of the other elements of the Right the need for prohibition and censorship of a more conservative nature. While SJWs seek to censor through political correctness, it is the Right and the socially conservative elements that seek to bring down what they consider pornographic or in some cases dissentful in order to preserve their own idea of society. This is and has happened, this violation is so common place that it is assumed normal and is for many people supported and yet it is the SJWs overt demands, many of which make little sense, that seem to be of most concern for libertarians. Inevitably it will become a choice between the political correctness of SJWs and paternal academics to the puritan determination of a nationalistic and in some cases eugenics inspired ideological brain trust. Two extremes of the same collectivised statist monstrosity.

The desire to impose prohibitions on so many is nothing new for those with ruling instincts but it tends to be found within the more Right orientated aspects of society an urge to punish severely those who partake in the use of ‘drugs’. The violent desire to determine what a person may ingest based solely on what they may do should cause liberty minded people to feel a deep righteous indignation and yet instead many are more interested in what someone with a bad haircut posted on Tumblr or alluded to in a YouTube video. But it is with the destructive force of violence that many on the Right side of the spectrum seem to enjoy the idea of a powerful police state that can smash down a person’s front door to check if they are smoking a plant or misusing a prescribed tablet. That being said left wing regimes are also determined to kill and enforce prohibition, the above mentioned Duterte regime is a key point in this. It is from within liberal democracies of a more ‘Western’ nature that the left leaning GENERALLY are ‘good’ on drugs.

While it has been observed and pointed out that the left orientated anti-war movement has been quiet during the Obama years, one can at least admit that at least they have an anti-war movement. Very seldom will one hear a more right orientated call for a stop in military expansion and growth abroad. Certainly ‘left’ presidential regimes will be blamed for the failures, it is always with a ‘right’ regime in power that one shall see the job get done. So long as a nation supports their troops and sends them to kill more foreigners then all is good in the World, flags waving and anthems sung hard. This is after all what is traditionally considered a healthy element of the patriotic, nationalistic right winger. Yet supposedly anti-State minarchists and anarchists are in many instances waving those same flags and cheering over so many dead babies as they wholeheartedly sing the same anthem.

If one is pro liberty then one should start by opposing war. By actually delving into the many histories and facts of war so as to truly learn the nature of the State and the dangers of adherence and obedience to it. Most of the problems on this Earth stem from such bloodlust and obedience to an irrational ideal and yet so many seem quite happy to abide and celebrate it. The discussion about who shall build the roads and run the schools should become a distant priority to stopping the killing and destruction that is caused by war and prohibition. A priority that seems to be negated by the academic abstracts that are indulged upon by many in all political groups none more so than inside the libertarian World. Who really cares how many libertarian theorists can stand upon a pin head? The grenade will still explode.

Those from within the liberty movement seem seldom interested in opposing war or even discussing it. Instead abstract models are sought so as to conjure up intellectual societies whereby Austrian economics can best be realised. There seems to be an urge to imagine who should build the roads instead of who should stop the bombing of those roads. Fine points are debated as to whether a pet has natural rights or whether a prostitute is in fact entering into a contract so as to become a slave for however many hours. These are all virginal fantasies that in the end mean nothing until the true enemy of liberty is defied and defeated. They are the academic infection that destabilises liberty and allows any movement supposedly interested in its flourishing to become bogged down.

Liberty is simply lived, it is not discussed or debated. One spreads the message by living the principles that many only tweet and meme about. One cannot change one million lives, nor should one seek or expect to convert them no matter how sound a logical argument may be constructed. Humanity is completely illogical. Instead one should focus on their own life and help to inspire others via conduct and action. And should one seek to converse about the ills of the State and coercion, why go anywhere other than war first?

An entity that has and shall continue to murder and destroy so many lives and parts of this Earth has no moral authority in any aspect of principled endeavour. If the Statist, whether left or right, seeks to cheer at the total destruction of thousands because of race, faith or ideology then why should one consider them a peer? They cheer for murder. If a man stood alongside you and cheered the brutal raping of a child or excitedly celebrated at a dear loved one’s funeral, would you tolerate this with an intellectual conversation? Or would you feel nothing but shock and disgust at this person’s insensitive vulgarity? Those millions dead and dying are as dear and as precious to others as your loved ones are to you and yet we spend our days with many who outright support their misery and destruction.

Those that look to millions of dead and suffering with the cruel arrogance of an academician’s entertainment should not be granted a smile and friendly conversation. In some way, however small, their putrid attitude is dangerous and seeks to perpetuate the misery suffered by so many. Engaging in banter or intellectual jousting with them over energy policy and national park privatisation is akin to masturbating over the steps that Ted Bundy took to implement his savagery. For those who seek to make and spread war, however they justify it, one should not consider them with joyous embrace.

And yet many who consider themselves liberty minded are confused by what it is they believe. They get stuck in the weeds of issues and try to find friends from wherever they may come in order to win arguments that do not matter. If it requires violence and coercion by means of implementation then it is immoral. It is wrong. Simplistic indeed. But the fine details and the more complex issues shall grow organically in time should, if ever, a society of liberty arise. That society will never and can never emerge so long as so many are pro war.

So, when for those many Americans who are confronted by the ridiculous idiocy of the SJWs left and assume that this represents all of the left wing, perhaps one could google search the thousands of decimated bodies of children courtesy of the nation and government, the brave professional military. From the Indian Plains, the Philippines, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Japan, China, Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq, Puerto Rico, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and so on. The legacy of one nation and its DIRECT actions alone by far outweighs the rants of the SJWs. Or the threat one foreign theology. For the British the same can be said when it comes to its own Imperial legacy both distant and most recent. If one is pro liberty and anti-State, start by being Anti War. The rest will follow.

Kym Robinson, 2017

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