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An Interview with a Demon

From 2005

An Interview with a Demon

by Kym Robinson

Mark Maidenstone was fortunate enough to experience a very rare and once in many a life time interview with one of Hell’s leading Demons. After centuries of silence and misunderstandings, the High Demon, Dalen has come forward and granted an interview. Maidenstone was fortunate enough to gain access with Dalen. It is an interview that condemns Heaven and Hell, challenging our understandings.

For your interests here is – The Interview

As Dalen enters my office, he is a tall powerful creature that invokes tremendous fear. I could not but help to recall Tim Burton’s character in the film “Legend”. With a warm smile and contrasting gentle eyes Dalen somehow puts me at ease. His custom-made Italian suit wraps around his powerful near 8 foot tall frame with a stylish grace. The big Demon sits down on a large chair and sips at a bottle of water, the water seems comically small in his giant hands. And so, the interview begins.

MM- “Dalen, it is a great pleasure having you here, what brings you to Earth and how long do you intend to stay?”

Dalen – “Thank you, the pleasure is mine. It has been some time since I was here last, I have always held a fondness for humanity, though it does frustrate me at times with how we Demons are perceived and just how misunderstood the whole afterlife, and err, extra worldly dimensions are perceived by you human beings.”

MM – “What misunderstandings would they be?”

D – “Well for example the notion of Hell as a flaming orgy of pain. Demons being depicted as monsters sent by the Devil to pervert and frighten humanity. Such human concepts and illusions that have very little foot hold in truth. Yes, demons are in the service of his Holiness Satan, and we do protect the realm of Hell. This being said, we have no designs on Earth and we do not visit here to capture any ‘souls’, nor do we do battle in the minds of man, so as to influence his acts which may see him conduct himself in an ‘evil’ manner. This is all just a mere fallacy based on ignorance. Mankind or humanity does not need any otherworldly persuasion to indulge in hedonism or to do harm.”

MM – “Where do these ideas of demons and Hell come from then, if none of it is true?”

D – “Well, you have to understand that those in Heaven are obsessed with perception, it is all about image and illusion. Not necessarily in any substance or integrity, the Angels and those in Heaven have spent millennia guiding and manipulating human theology to such a degree that it is has become dogmatic. It is ingrained within all human culture and taken for granted that Heaven is Good and that Hell is Bad. Man is simply man; he has been an animal of higher intelligence and social order since he crawled from the slimes of origin. He has however been told a lot of fairy tales and fibs, that has seen him develop a certain way. The tragedy of it all is that while these fairy tales were supposedly created to keep man’s violence and nastier nature in check it has in fact only served to validate it. Given it a self-righteous fury that not even Heaven had imagined. It has removed responsibility from humanity and placed blame almost entirely on Hell’s doorstep.”

MM- “So you are saying that all religion is a, Heavenly plot to control humanity, and to make Hell and the Devil seem evil?”

D – “Hell has never invested in propaganda or publicity, we have never once had designs on influencing any species, whether human or rat. The fact remains that all human theology and concepts of the afterlife, have the good, which is in some ways an image of light and heavenly delights. Then the bad, which is near always darkness, pain and the undesirable this is the negative side of death a realm of torment and suffering. Now granted, there are religions, mythologies or what have you that do not follow along these lines, but it all has a common theme, as I am sure you are aware. And this theme is that there exist two extremes of nature, of the afterlife. It assumes that by all definition one is Good and the other Evil. This is a known human truth and yet it is not true. Only believed to be so.”

MM – “I must confess I have grown up since birth with these understandings of the afterlife. What is the purpose of Heaven and Hell then? If not for Good and Evil?”

D – “What is the purpose of the United States and Iran, or Germany and Russia? They exist as nation states, with their own identities, their own character but filled with millions of individuals subject to a definition of collective identity determined by region, culture, nation and so on. The people within are still themselves individuals but how they are perceived and how they live in proximity to others of such a culture is influential. Just as how an outsider views those from Germany or Russia determines a certain perspective that differs to those who live from within each of those nations.  Heaven and Hell are no different, except one has a better public relations arm than the other, you could say that Humanity has become a colony for Heaven. You do not think that Joseph Goebels went to Hell do you? He was checked into the high Heavens as soon as he ended it all. The man has been a tremendous asset to them ever since.”

MM- “So you are telling me that Nazi war criminals are in Heaven?

D– “Would it matter if he was not a Nazi? Would it matter if he worked for an allied nation? Is it the consequences of man’s deeds that condemn him in the end or is it in who he serves?  To me personally I do not have the childlike luxury to disseminate between which side is good or bad. Instead I view only those committing terrible deeds through the lens of my own perspective and I can tell you when a mass murderer of the innocent is inside of my clutches, justice is served.”

MM-“ I do not doubt that. You are then confirming that there is in fact an afterlife?”

D- “After life is really a silly word, there is life and then in life there are different components or stages. The caterpillar to butterfly for example, the maggot to fly and so on, to a child these are different insects but to an educated adult these are one and the same. Life while seemingly different to the other in its varying stages is in fact very much interconnected. Now please do not get me wrong, life is a physical and corporeal thing, it is all you humans and animals here on Earth have. That abruptly and absolutely ends when you die, after that physical death there is a very real sense of finality to it all. But it is not the end, as such. There simply is a next stage.”

MM – “What is there beyond the physical life, that we humans know of?”

D – “Well there is death of course. And then some go to the Heavens and find work up there, others come to us and are employed by us, or are processed as refugees, it really depends on the individual and how they arrive. What stage they were at when they passed on to us.”

MM- “So we immigrate to either Heaven or Hell once we die?”

D – “Yes. I suppose that is one way to look at it. Some of the new arrivals or immigrants are much-needed, and others are well…refuges or problems for our authorities to deal with. “

MM- “So there is no flames, a lake of fire or a river of Styx in Hell?”

D – “We have a river system called Styx and the climate is on the hotter side, we do have some very active volcanoes about the place, at the same time we have sub-zero conditions as well. It is like looking at Africa and stating it is all deserts because you only have visited the Sahara. Once again, we are not about tourism, we do not try to promote Hell, as Heaven likes to play up its charms. The seduction of heaven is tremendous; we do not advertise or promote the best or worse aspects of Hell.”

MM- “Why is it that Heaven sends prophets, Messiah’s and so on to promote the notion of God and the Devil?”

D– “People need something to embrace, early on religion was a very easy drug to feed humanity. You could control and command a great many of people with the fear of religious tragedy. The rewards of going to Heaven was always a good motivator for many, a bit like investing in one’s own retirement or starting a super fund, where as Hell was always considered rock bottom or worse. When Heaven came here all those years ago, they began a very meticulous and thorough campaign to enslave humanity and to manipulate it, and here we are. And for a great many religion was also mechanism of explanation, an attempt at science or philosophy. Humanity has always had an incomplete picture, just as any animal does, the only difference is that human beings are able to comprehend and attempt to put together the big picture from the broken fragments of so many smaller pictures that it has at hand. As I said everyone on Earth has their own conceptions of Heaven and Hell, God and Devil, but the reality is that near all of it was seeded from Heaven into each one of your minds. Generations ago. Prophets and Messiahs were an early and easy tool to do this, and over time it has spread like wild-fire.”

MM- “So which religion is right?”

D– “Religion in many ways is like music about love or death or what have you. It is song by a different singer, has a different sound, but the message is nearly always the same. Heaven spread its tendrils across this Earth so far and wide, and so long ago that over time Religion has taken on its own form of ‘Chinese whispers’, it has adopted cultural flares and has become ingrained in not only national and regional psyches, but also in political ones. I would say near all religions are right just as they are all wrong. But they are only right, in the sense that they preach close to the agenda Heaven first intended for them to preach, which is what the whole purpose of religion was in the first place.”

MM- “Why is it that certain traits, such as lust or greed are considered evil and would be associated with the temptations of the Devil, whereas sharing and love is considered Heavenly and Godly?”

D- ” You live in an age of luxury and opulence, where many of you have a long and fulfilled life, when it all began life for many here was how it is in parts of Africa or Asia. Short, full of suffering and with little comfort, the few comforts found was with the worldly pleasures of sex and so on. It was seen by many that this could be used to control and contain people; sex and these ‘devilish’ treats became restricted and portioned out. You see it was and always has been about control, whether this came from Heaven, or from the human religious leaders, I am not too sure, but over time it has become how you associate feelings with your instincts. You humans are a complex, but easily controlled species, if I may be so bold as to say. Morality and customs of culture developed accordingly over time in various regions based upon communal standards and a need to safeguard whatever rules were deemed important to preserve society. Religion became interspersed with these customs and morals; they were not all directed from Heaven but merely assumed to be linked. Just as over time human morality has decayed to satisfy law as deemed relevant by the nation state. Though morality for the majority is no longer directed from a theological need to satisfy God or the Heavens, it is now still very religious but directed by a need to obey jingoism or the State. The same myths and fear control, perhaps it is an inherent flaw in humanity?”

MM — “So the State has killed God?”

D- “Perhaps to some it has merely replaced that void which one would have traditionally filled with theological obedience. I have observed that one can gain the same moral self-righteousness, if not worse, from obedience to the State and in embracing its myths. One can kill and do great harm with a clear conciseness in its name. Just as murder has been committed in the name of Faith for God. And worse is that the State can make it all legal, perfectly lawful. Theology merely had the promise of absolution, the State has this plus all of the merits awarded to its agents based on the illusion that killing people from another geographical birth point is perfectly fine so long as the Government which rules them is declared pariah. Theological religion and State religion are very much intermixed and confused at present, but I can imagine that in time humanity will for the most part forsake theology and embrace with all the violence of the galaxy the religion of its precious Nation States. Then neither Heaven nor Hell could hope to save it.”

MM- “That sounds perhaps a little too political, perhaps an area we can cover next time? What do Demons do daily and what are their roles in Hell?”

D- “So long as you have groups of individuals, you shall always have politics. But if that is what you wish. We shall discuss the fluffier topics. It is a boring life to be quite honest. Traditionally we are military leaders of the regime, but many of us have spawned into politics and other positions of governance. I still hold my military commission, but many in Hell also consider me a founder. As to what I do, well I have begun a public relations service, which is why I am here as my self-giving you this interview, I have also begun a music program for a lot of the orphan refuges we get from Earth, once they pass over. It is really in its infancy, but I am hoping it will grow into something worthwhile that can help these children in some way.”

MM- “So you have quite a few refuges?”

D — “It seems no one wants to come to Hell, and not everyone gets into Heaven. We get a lot of refuges, mostly they are the sick, the young, those suffering, Heaven has no desire to shelter them or take them in. After all what benefits Heaven in taking a parentless three-year old child have that suffers from mental disabilities? Someone must take them, and that place at the end of the road is us. Whether those that fall to us like it or not. And I suppose in some cases whether we like it or not also, it’s not as though we can turn back a child now is it, not that we would. But for every innocent child we have scores of terrible individuals who do deserve to meet those Hell fire depictions of myth. Instead we have them in the scores and have to process them unknowing of their Earth record?”

MM- “No, you are quite right. So, you are unaware of what most people are like when they arrive. “

D- “Yes for the most part. We have a very limited idea as to who someone is when they arrive. Heaven does the judging and determinations. So, all of that data is left in their hands.”

MM- “Why is it after all of this time, that Hell has decided to come out and give its side of the story?”

D – “After long and tedious debates in the great chambers we concluded that we should no longer continue a policy of silence and noninterventionism on Earth. But we should be up front and honest with humanity. Give you humans a choice free of the smoke and mirrors that has come from Heaven. We are not interested in fighting for the souls of Earth or lurking amongst the shadows and pulling the strings of power, we just want to be honest and up front after all this time of being silent. I fear the damage has been done long ago, and that perceptions will always remain no matter what.”

MM- “What perception do you wish to change the most.”

D – “That we are evil. We are just what we are. I am as I was born. It is like the Crow and the Dove. One is associated with death, other worldly evils, the other is viewed as pure and an emblem of peace. Yet they are both just birds, both carry bacteria that is dangerous to you humans, and both pick at rotting flesh, breadcrumbs or worms in the soil. But to you humans the image is so powerful and strong, that one is good and the other evil. That is the perception I wish to change. I would like humanity to realize things are often complicated. “

MM- “And one last question before you go, as it has been a tremendously revealing interview, what is the Devil like?”

D – “Independent minded, strong-willed, and compassionate in his own obscure way. He is not about being seen doing the right thing, but by simply doing it without a circus following him around for that photo-opportunity. I think you would be surprised, at just how deceiving looks really are, he comes across as a blunt and stern leader, but he has a soft centre I assure you. He is simply what he is. You can see a Lion as a great proud hunter or to its prey it is an opportunistic killer, it simply is what it is. The Lion did not create your perceptions of it just as it is not interested in what you may think. It simply lives and concerns itself with itself and its pride. The problem lies with the outsider and their sacred perceptions.”

MM – “And I do say, looking at you, all 8 feet of you and perhaps 250kg of fiery red muscle, I was at first intimidated and concerned that all I have read is true, but you seem to be one of the more interesting and genuine individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing.”

D – “Thank you, and it is only 210 Kg thank you. I must be honest I was somewhat nervous myself beforehand, I have become more comfortable with giving you the interview. Perhaps another time?”

MM- “Yes thank you, that would be much appreciated. All the best and I hope you enjoy your stay here on Earth.”

D – “Your welcome. I hope that someday I can see you in Hell.”

MM- “Forgive me if I restrain from feeling excitement at that proposition.”

After which the big demon laughed, embraced my shoulder with his giant red hand and began to discuss various foods with me.

Interview with an Angel coming soon.

The End


Kym Robinson

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