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Tears that Stained

Despite hidden tears she smiles on,
Deep within the pain is to strong,
Eluding eyes her lies are concealed,
To protect, not her but them familiar to her care.

The cuts and bruises long gone,
Such pain however will always remain,
Its stain forever on her sheets,
Her smile though soft and sweet is empty and full of defeat.

No mothers embrace,
Or fathers hug,
Not a siblings giggle,
Or a friends niggle.

Just solace and shame,
Just self loathing disgrace,
Just a missing piece,
Just a damaged child.

Moments in time come and go,
Encased within are acts of crimes,
Where days of innocence give way to years of tears,
It is with instances that the pure become defiled.

So now this child alone and scared,
Frightened and without a voice,
Whispers to no ears, Prays but no God’s reply,
Cowers when no one cares.

A setting sun and the coming night,
Just another eve of fright,
Uncertain dreams and empty sleep,
The morning brings exhausted relief.

Every child will some day mature,
As every seed shall bud and flower,
With plucked petals and a broken stem,
The matured flower finds no sun.

Time will pass and none will weep,
Instead the child will lie with sincere and sweet deceit,
Not for themselves, not for HIM,
simply for those who care.

Justice closes her eyes and sings evil lullabies,
Fairy Tales married with lies,
With songs that empathize,
A rock a bye baby that does not sleep.

Never a tear, never any fear,
Just more shame, their unending pain,
Heaven’s discarded bastards never to be graced,
Children with secrets without an end.

The one true fact shall always remain,

That pain, that stain…will always remain.

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