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A What’s Going on Update post


I thought that I should start being more active on here and sharing a little more to any of those who read. So, here is one such post.

Currently I am working my way through the drafts of ,“A Symphony for Heroes”, which is the sequel to “A Knight for Heroes.” It is set three years later and follows up on the characters and events that occurred in the earlier book. It is written so that it may be a stand alone story, but it is best read after “Knight.”

Once I have finished the draft and the book is published, I am hoping to get started on the sequel to “The Rise of the Three.” I have already mapped out and written a bit on the final two books in the series, so I am hoping it does not take forever to complete. I also have some other novels that I’ve been playing around with and hoping to complete in the future.

I’m looking to be more consistent with the non-fiction writing, especially the anti-war and pro-liberty pieces. Most of which are featured at the Libertarian Institute. Moving forwards I will be looking to write self defence, training and philosophy pieces that reflect my own experiences and perspectives.

The podcast that I have been doing is available on Podbeam, it is a walk and talk format so for anyone that is an audio perfectionist, I’m sorry. It is a crude set up of talking into my phone while I go on hikes, so while it is a free flow of thoughts it is also a series of ramblings without the secure sound of a studio or notes in front of me. So it is what it is. I do hope it provides insight, entertainment and information all the same. So look for “Kym Robinson Halfcaged Hike and Talk”.

I have been thinking and very slowly working towards making another short story book, most likely on fantasy or science fiction. Though seeing as I struggle with remaining inside defined genres it likely will be a blend.

For anyone who would like to support me my paypal is

Or you could buy my books on most eBook platforms. If you enjoy them, please write a review. It really is appreciated.

Just reading is support enough but it all helps.

Thank you all and I hope to be more active and write some things that make you think or help in some way.

All the best


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