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Triple Tap Murderers, Oh Look A Cat Vid!

To kill innocent civilians is claimed to be a universal wrong. To kill the aid workers and those providing medical and food supplies is also understood to be wrong. Despite how frequently it is done. Whether through malicious intention to obliterate and starve a population, that may come from carpet bombing to starvation embargoes or to be selective in the assassination, missile strikes from drones or men with high powered rifles. It’s murder. The spin masters of marketing teams will use words like “collateral damage” or “accidental” but it is often always intentional. It is the nature of terror, the execution of policy aimed at killing everyone, ‘them’ all. Wrong many will view it, but evil it isn’t because the goodies can’t do evil.

Recently the Israeli Defence Force murdered an aid convoy. A group of international aid workers who had coordinated with the IDF, who were travelling on an IDF approved route. When the aid workers came under attack they contacted the IDF. Three assaults were launched by the IDF, killing the seven World Central Kitchen aid workers.

The term ‘triple tap’ has been used. The IDF will investigate itself.

The outraged, shocked and indifferent alike watch on as children die daily in Palestine. The aid workers bodies mutilated by weapons that are often supplied by the US. In response to the deaths the current US president blathered something about something about ice cream cones and the arms supplies kept on rolling in. Pundits for murder grinned with sharp teeth over their support of the Israeli government. Murder them all is the bi-partisan mantra of US domestic politics. Liberal democracies tend to vote for murder, especially if its natives being killed in the name of colonial exceptionalism. Democracy is civilised. It provides jobs and welfare. Vote or Die! Meaning, you vote so that more of them may die and you get ‘free’ stuff.

The elites and political beasts in Australia, UK and other member nations of the crusader coalition of the willing invaders may whisper here and there in condemnation, but Israel is a friend. Friends have to murder. Among statesmen who sit in the plush seats of national interest, this is understood. Important people must murder, that is how policy bread is baked. The voters will turn up and vote, the bureaucrats continue to show to ‘work’, mums making missiles for the IDF clock on after the morning school drop and service men salute the flag to pull the trigger for whomever tells them to kill and die. The Smedley Butler phase only comes well after several families are burned to death. Or when the Pinkville massacres get a headline above a celebrity wedding announcement, then some swallow a bullet or truth.

On Sunday those who pray to the supposed prince of peace will place an imperial government above their deity, the spears in his side good for thee economy. It’s a verse in Romans (maybe), in that book most pretend to have read. Even atheists worship the same god, the god of war and government. The mass murder makes sense when you are paid to believe. It makes sense when your faith in law and order is built on self interest. It makes sense when your career and pensions requires it to. Babies, starved to death, aid workers blown to pieces, eggs to be broken. And the statist omelettes require endless eggs. Greater goods are built on the mountains of bones.

The digital spectators would have moved on from the murdered aid workers by the time the next TikTok dance is viral, assuming any even noticed the craters where corpses were baked into powder. Smelly man eats liver, Fleetwood Mac cranberry juice, Ben Shapiro is the number one rapper, some of the more important things than dead children. The “my life is too busy” generation will shrug of what is done in their name even if they are in someway complicit, sssh it’s time to be watching sportsball or binge a trending show on streamingflix. No time to care or pay attention, so they say in between stints of inebriation. Uppers for the morning, downers at night, anti-depressants, attention drugs, meltaway fat pills and edibles appearing as a food that’s ‘healthier’ than mother natures own. ‘Babies eating sawdust will do just fine, they don’t know what stress is, ree my wi fi is down!’

Drugs and video games to escape a job that is hated, to buy things that are not even wanted then to vote for the gods who promise that a tax will fix the whole in the Ozone layer or to put a bandaid on the Amazon rain forest. “Boy skip bins are expensive! I need to order another one just to empty out the spare room full of stuff that’s all still in the box.” Too hard to even read a headline now, attention spans wane into indifference…oh look a funny cat video. Click. Who even has time for the dead children, life is too complicated now. I can just order my food online, push some buttons and it arrives. They had it easy when they had to make everything for themselves. At least babies starving don’t have to worry about their waist line.

Most mornings in Australia the pious middle class ‘working’ swollen government or corporate jobs or who suckle on welfare services will sing a mantra in recognition to the original people of the land. Ashamed of the settler colonialism they profit from, pretending to care about the bones that are buried beneath them as they recite words of ‘respect’ all the while worshipping the very government that murdered the original people, betrayed and enslaved them. But government jobs pay so well, the welfare is too easy not to get and the past is past and we can pretend to be better now, to corporatise the facade and “recognise” with rituals. In generations from now middle class Israeli women may be sitting in a circle at a local welfare gathering acknowledging the Palestinians as the original owners of the land. The bones but powder beneath their feet. In decades from now a Palestinian flag alongside a large mural of crying babies face artistically placed in the Israeli capital, conquerors symbolic self loathing, the architect that designed it enjoys the view from his balcony on the West Bank, that baby in the photo’s corpse somewhere beneath his home.

Many years ago I read a book on the holocaust, it asked how to you kill millions of people. You lie to them was the conclusion. I am more interested in how you convince millions to do the killing, you just pay them. It’s that simple. How do you get millions more to ignore it. Pay them too. Give them jobs that are mostly useless, with no customer, work inside a monopoly that is arbitrary and requires ‘funding’ and the threat of violence to keep the monopoly. Subsidise and grant the corporations that contract to that monopoly, pay well. Bribe. Then make everything welfare. Create the dependent. No clear conscience can exist. Take the King’s pound and you shall forever kiss his crown. Live in inebriation and bliss.

That is normal, that is the healthy way. Medicate oneself. Ignore the real world. At best donate money here and there, see you cared. Those who can’t turn away, who won’t shut up, who won’t comply or refuse to join the wagon trains headed West. They are buffoons. Deranged even. Why should we care about the genocides. It’s soon to be trademarked. Commit two and the with the third you receive a free massage gun to take away the stress of killing. “The war bought me an Audi,” “Not many jobs pay this good,” “I need to take care of my family first.” The aid workers had families too. Those they were trying to bring aid to ARE FAMILIES!

The murdered aid workers may as well have been refugees crossing a bridge in Korea, doctors without borders obliterated from above in Afghanistan or countless kulaks imprisoned to death in Siberia. Does it matter in the end? Married at First Sight season twenty eight is on, does the farmer get his wife, Ninja is reviewing Roblox, Jake Paul is fighting Muhammad Ali’s corpse and celebrity chefman is going to bake a Marvel cake. Brains on a wire in the end, vaccinated against every virus other than ourselves, oh look a planking fidget spinner with a Kony 2012 sticker. The good and innocent will all be murdered in the end. But real estate will be available in Gaza soon, so that’s nice., right? See, it all works out well in the end. Housing crisis solved.

“We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land..oh look tea and biscuits.”

April, 2024

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