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The innocent dead of Rafah, Have you no shame? (anti-war blog)

Footage from the Israeli Military assault on Rafah has again revealed the gruesome reality of war. A reality that tends to be omitted by the censors of the legitimate media, footage of headless babies. Their young bodies, limp, held by rescuers and loved ones in one final desperate embrace. We usually see this sort of evidence of war when it is conducted by a pariah power or is spun in such a way that it’s rare. The natural collateral consequence of warfare. Civilised nations must wage wars, murder the innocent to accomplish policy or achieve goals, it’s the done thing.

Their Headless babies are statistics, ‘our’ babies are sacred.

The people of Palestine have no where to go, they were instructed to flee to Rafah. A refuge. Now the IDF murders them. The death and plunder secondary to the greater ambition of manifest destiny. The world has suffered it before, a chosen people, the most civilised, the shining light on the hill all exercised such violence to accomplish their aims. It is how civilisation purifies the planet from those deemed as being ‘savages’.

The 21st century may allow us the keyhole to witness such ‘progress’, smart phones make anyone a journalist, decentralised media outlets who are not servants of advertisers or national governments and the victims themselves share the reality. If we wish to learn about the world around us we can see the indignity and mass murder. Dig deep enough you can see it happening in the Congo and Western Papua as well. Colonialism, imperialism, whatever the outsiders wish to call it. It’s simply policy. This is government, beneath the facade of civilisation, headless babies.

Chances are you live in a nation state that was built over the bones of the conquered, how you live today is because frontiers ran red with the blood of the ‘savages’. Conquest led to civilisation, today is yesterdays dream. The dead, no longer matter. Later this century at the present rate of murderous progress, Gaza and the West Bank may become what the Lebanon once was, a Paris of the Middle East. Real Estate. The wealthy and important enjoying spectacular views above the long forgotten grave of a headless baby.

Remember the little refugee girl in her soaked red dress, face down on a European beach. The Mediterranean waves washing over her little corpse, beneath the same sea countless others who drowned as the fled war and conditions caused not by them. Seeking a place of peace, chasing a land where they were told freedom soared. Her body has long been lost to the digital voyeurs, for a moment their was the confused realisation that a migrant is a human being, a child even. Though because of where she was born, perhaps her skin tone, language, religion she was always ‘inferior’. Unwanted. To be lost in limbo. A Biafran or dare I say, Palestinian.

The children in Rafah are not in limbo, they are living through a real hell. The biggest government in history sends the money and ammunition, provides weapon systems and watches on while its great ally conducts itself in a familiar manner. Pushing outwards, expanding, conquering the ‘breathing room’, exercising the manifest destiny of its people. To conquer then settle. That is how the civilised do it. If the entire executive branch of the Israeli government were imprisoned for war crimes, it would never punish the criminals. They are the ones shooting, dropping bombs, operating drones, blocking aid convoys, torturing children, no politician among them, just human beings granted the magical right to do terrible things through the writ of government power.

The little child, head ripped from an innocent body is the reality of policy. The brutal truth of collectivism, statism. The ultimate culmination of taxation, regulation, law, professionals working inside a monopoly under the pretence of measured power. It’s easy to dismiss it as just Zionism, a Middle Eastern problem. Though we are witnessing exceptional cruelty for the modern world by the Israeli government, it’s what South East Asia once endured when dropping millions of bombs kept dominoes still standing or when the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan in order to stop it from descending into uncontrollable chaos. Afghanistan has not recovered since and thousands continue to die from the bombs and mines still hidden in the jungles of Asia. The legacy of great powers, where children born generations after continue to lose limbs.

Chances are your government has blown children to pieces for you. You just ignore it, the money, it’s so good. The status quo is maybe kind to you. You claim to be powerless, despite the religion of democracy and the bullshit, this is the reality. Yet, you want government to do the things you want it to do, you push for it, maybe even earn a living from it. National Socialists had welfare policies as well and the Bolsheviks claimed to be benevolent, dead innocent is always the outcome of policy. That’s why you need armed agents to FORCE others to comply. You may proudly wear ACAB yet every single policy you desire requires cops even a conquering military.

Today it’s Palestine, a place of mostly children. The Congo suffers too so that Western hegemony secures the precious resources. Over a century ago, the Congolese were enslaved, hacked to pieces and millions murdered so that Europe had rubber for bicycles. Civilisation. Today smart devices, EV’s and tech is hungry for the plunder beneath African dirt. Western nations boast saving the planet but outsourcing the pollution and suffering to the poorest nations, turn a blind eye to children dying from the poison that powers the ‘renewable’ energy. Beneath the green pretentiousness runs the blood of those who burn coal in the cold to live because the modern colonialism is powered by slogans. For the Western Papuan’s an aggressive Indonesian government, as it has done for decades rules with venom, punishing the people for their culture and for potential resources. Indonesia has big friends, the Western Papuans are a forgotten people. To be ruled and eliminated, progress?

Just another headless child. The voyeurs are all out of “Oh, dears.”

Things happen in war…” Always to them though, always their babies, always their children.

I wonder if shame exists any more, the privileged in the West are too medicated to know what it feels like.

Dead children doesn’t make them depressed, just indifferent.

May, 2024

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