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They Will Want Boys and Men again… Anti-War Blog

The war pigs mount one another in squeals calling for blood as the drums of death beat to their cries. They want your boys and men…again. As war looms and imperial ambitions swell, the non-binary, obese, depressed, expecting mothers (or baby carrying persons) and furies never swelled to the recruitment centres, despite expensive advertisement campaigns. That was for the sort of peaceful times, the progressive facade of corporate government. Technology is not quiet there for the machines to operate themselves or a full force of distant controllers manipulating drones.

Meat in uniforms and men in boots are required. They will require many of the other genders, plenty of women too. Some won’t allow them in field force units, yet. But they won’t enlist as much as the boys. The abductions of boys and men in the Ukraine to fight as soldiers, barely trained, randomly armed and thrown to the front line meat grinder has shown us that despite being ruled by a fabulous president, it remains as it was centuries past.

The modern advertising for the military and how it has been functions has deterred those who would usually enlist and make foreign adventures possible. Conscription may again be in the cards.

Politicians and blathering media types like to discuss the importance of military service to a young man. They are given skills that they can barely use in civilian life, may suffer moral injury, or even physical ones, if they don’t die should they go to war. The previous decades of advertising and the governments own mantra has rejected the men of the past. Re-writing a history that suits the contemporary, celebrating sexuality over most other things. It sort of had the opposite effect. Not many people are enlisting. Not even the ones they were marketing to.

So the marketing has slowly changed. NATO and other Western nations are returning to the past, tried and true methods of propaganda. They want killers again, war fighters. The corporate and Hollywood tokenism and avatar box ticking is not as important now that peer vs peer conflict may occur.

No longer fighting insurgents, or conducting ‘police actions’ this may burn into a proper war. The political masters and the military seem keen on it, most of the state and corporate media all are onboard, the public is indifferent because to most of them wars are over there. These enemies, can reach over here.

So the less woke the recruitment advertising runs, the closer to war we may be. The sabre rattling and gunboat diplomacy is more than what was tolerated in the past. The hubris so swollen that its now normal. The foe are prepared for an asymmetry that arrogance and obese societies will not be prepared for. It will kill a lot of innocent people. No one will really win. But everyone shall lose.

The dog tags may have your pronoun and all those other social media tidbits no one asked to know, but the body bags will all look the same. War is a two way range, in the front while drones will hunt you down and artillery randomly explodes your TikTok followers won’t care about the dance or how you even feel. The enemy will kill you, And you will try to kill them. The civilians lost in between.

To the high schools they return, promising your kids careers. War, is not a long term job, you survive it or die. The next Hitler is in Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, Yemen, wherever they want them to go. The enemies want to take away freedom, yet they already dwindle away daily. Taken by those home grown. “War is good for the economy, conscription is a job program, be proud and patriotic, you owe your nation the service”, the repeated lies will come. You must serve your nation, those who won’t fight will bully those who must go. You all have mental health problems now, wait until the government you love marches us all to war.

July, 2024

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